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2020 Zhongzhen Enterprise plan

2020-06-03 05:42

 Work summary in 2019 and work conference in 2020 of Zhongzhen enterprise were successfully held

On the afternoon of January 21, 2019, the work summary and 2020 work meeting of Zhongzhen enterprise was successfully held at the new site of Sanyuan office. The leaders and all employees of the enterprise attended the meeting.

All employees wear red scarves to participate in the event. Red indicates upward, good, good and festive. Every day, good luck is at the head of the new year. I wish the enterprise "a prosperous career, a prosperous future and a bright future"!


Secretary of the Party branch and chairman and general manager of the company, made an important speech.

The president pointed out that in 2019, the company adheres to transformation and development, makes steady progress in various work, steadily improves its development ability, continuously enhances its comprehensive level, and increasingly diversified business structure.The achievement of these achievements is inseparable from the mutual understanding, mutual tolerance and mutual support of every employee here.Just as the so-called "people are united and Taishan is moved", Zhongzhen enterprise has been able to walk steadily and firmly to today. It is precisely relying on the unremitting spirit of all employees not to abandon and not to give up that it has become a strong cornerstone of the enterprise's forward development.

In the new year, we should stand at a new historical starting point and make a change and breakthrough in thinking and action. Emancipate the mind, forge ahead with determination, and strive to solve the problems of "sitting on the ground, daydreaming", "sitting and watching", etc.; in terms of action, we should enhance our self-confidence, keep our determination, adhere to the same original intention and mission, adhere to the same goal of market expansion and infrastructure construction, adhere to the same determination of independent innovation and R & D products, and adhere to the same style of hard work and hard work.We will resolutely win the crucial battle of adjustment and transformation, and strive to write a new chapter in the development of Zhongzhen.

In the evening, in the company restaurant, a spring festival reunion in 2020 was held. Chairman of the board of directors, paid a new year greetings to all employees and sent sincere holiday blessings. As the atmosphere of the venue continues to rise, the wonderful activities of the group worship will take place.The exciting lottery and lively and interesting interactive links make the whole audience burst out with cheers and laughter, fully showing the strong atmosphere of Zhongzhen people unity, harmony and fraternity.

In a warm and peaceful atmosphere, the reunion toasts together, and ends successfully with the blessing of Zhongzhen enterprise to achieve a new leap and open a new chapter in 2020.

All employees are full of confidence, strive hard, do not lose their youth, do not insult the mission of the times! Open a new page!